Aspire2B — wellness-app for iOS and Android

Implemented a logic layer and SDK for a multiplatform application that helps users monitor biological age and improve quality of life based on personal plans.
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International company that specializes in developing digital wellness solutions. With its technology and services, our customer helps companies take care of their employees and customers, and people achieve their goals for better physical health.
We had to develop an application for iOS and Android that would help users regularly improve their quality of life indicators: give automated recommendations based on surveys, biometric data, and feedback from users.

The application should collect anonymous data on the progress of users' metrics for subsequent effectiveness analysis of all recommendations


Two Flutter developers were involved in the project and responsible for the application logic implementation based on the ready-made UX/UI, new functionality development, test coverage, CI/CD and DevOps tools implementation.

The customer's internal team developed the requirements for the business logic, designed the basic visual components and screens, and partially implemented the application's functionality.


Technological solutions

Cross-platform mobile development on Flutter was chosen to implement the application.

The main advantage of this choice for the customer was its final cost and the ease of maintaining the final product.

We managed to implement a notification and reward system for users without the classic backend. The architectural solution also provides a flexible extension of functionality in accordance with the principles of pure architecture and the reactive programming paradigm.
Event-based architecture
Cloud infrastructure
We used Firebase to store state, login, and access content based on an updated configuration.


We implemented several stand-alone application modules:
  • user reward system;
  • a notification system for motivational and incentive bonuses based on app usage;
  • a data collection system for user results.
The application is at the MVP stage, testing is underway with a limited number of users, and the team is refining the functionality using the analytics it receives.
At the same time, infrastructure for flexible creation of similar services and wellness products based on solutions developed by us is being implemented.
We made significant contributions to the development of the entire logical application layer and implemented additional modules as plug-in packages and development kits (SDK).

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