Automotive market data analysis online system

Microsoft SQL Server


3 Front-end developers
3 Back-end developers
1 QA-engeneer
1 Project manager


Autostat is an analytical agency that specializes in processing automobile databases and compiling marketing reports on the automotive market.
The legacy system did not allow the implementation of new functionality at the proper level. The outdated legacy codebase has become difficult to support, and hiring developers for the old stack in the new HR market has become extremely difficult.

Outdated processes and service logic only allowed the user to access individual databases, without the necessary flexibility in combining them, and that limited the customer’s pricing options.


We had to completely update the codebase, implement new functionality, update the business logic and implement additional more flexible options for selling the service based on different data access packages, such as the one by the number of queries and temporary ones.


All data was stored in Microsoft SQL, and OLAP cubes technology was actively used.

For end-users of the analytical data of the service, mastering the syntax for working with OLAP cubes (MDX) was very difficult, so one of the most important requirements was the ability to provide data in a user-friendly web interface and API.

Project features

  • We completely updated the logical interaction layer of a web application with a complex multidimensional data structure;
  • We replaced the outdated interface and developed a light web version of the service with the ability to personalize and brand the interface for individual clients;
  • We created a contract constructor that allows users to flexibly form customer access to the data packages of the analytical system;
  • In addition, we implemented the possibility of interaction with the service via API to integrate with the internal products of the customer's clients (insurance companies, banks, car dealers), which receive data on the cost of used cars, car ownership history, etc.


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